Section I -The Past -

  1. Send Reiki to clear out blockages "I would now like to send Reiki into the past to clear out blockages contrary with goal"

  2. Send/Implant Affirmations

  3. Send Reiki to empower anything helping the goal

Section II -The Present -

  1. Send Reiki to clear out blockages " I would now like to send Reiki energy to clear out any blockage which are forming that are contrary to the stated goal"

  2. Send/Implant affirmations

  3. Send Reiki to Empower anything helping the goal

Section III - The Future -

  1. Send Reiki to clear out blockages "I would now like to send Reik energy to remove any crystallized patterns that exist in the future which are contrary to stated goal"

  2. Send/Implant affirmations

  3. Send Reiki to Empower anything helping the goal

Section IV - Finishing Touches -

  1. Additional Symbols

  2. Send Reiki to any guide, master, ancestor, descendent, teacher, and any Angels to assist you in manifesting the goal. Fill in you personal list here. Our guides love to get Reiki as well. I also recommend sending to your ancestors and descendants as we are all reflections of each other and made of the same stuff quite literally through our DNA. To heal an ancestor is to directly heal a part of yourself...If you don't believe in guides, then omit this step or fill in the name you use for the "creator".

  3. Name the program


Establish Goal Basically, every Reiki program begins with a Goal.

Create Affirmations Write out a bunch of good affirmations that go along with the goal.

Here are a few examples

"I am empowered to achieve Integration of mind body, and spirit"

"I am completely and totally integrated now"

"My mind, body, and spirit accept integration"

"I am free of circumstance which prevent the total Integration of mind body and spirit"

Sleep on it Make sure you have really thought about the program and the affirmations. This step gives Spirit time to make some suggestions.

Create the Program. Plan time to create the program. You will want to have plenty of time and make sure you wont be disturbed. It should take you about 20/30 minutes if you have already written your affirmations and planned out your program.

The program will be created just like a Reiki stack except it will have "concepts" instead of people. Use a power symbol for each level in the program.

Send Energy to the program for a minimum of 20 minutes.

What to Expect

You can expect some rather dramatic results immediately. I will only make a small warning be careful what you make a program for as you will get exactly what you ask for. The experience of making a program is a very healing one. It is likely you will generate or channel more Reiki energy than you ever have before. This process is way more impacting than it looks. Usually creating a Program will alter your entire life; plan your programs carefully.

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Healing & Manifestation
Through Reiki

This technique grew and developed over the course of many different projects and techniques. This is only the basic outline with a minimum of background and theory necessary to describe the basic working of the technique. You should have more than enough information to use the technique with wonderful and maybe even miraculous results.


This section outlines one possible explanation for how reality works. It will give a model for Reiki Programs and explains why the various steps are there. This theory actually has very little to do with Reiki specifically but it did help to developed this technique. If theory isn't something you really care to read, you can skip right to the procedure.

We create our own realities and that creation depends on several factors. We draw to us what we "expect". For instance if someone "thinks" the world is nasty and horrible they will tend to find situations in their own lives that support that belief. Our intentions and expectations help to focus and create our present reality.

We also "project" into the future our expectations. So perhaps some of the NOW you're experiencing may have been generated many many years ago. Think about it. You are planning and visualizing "how the future" is to be. You were most likely doing it all of your life. We are unfortunately, filled with "programming" from the past which can vary from nice to horrid depending on ones upbringing. Our upbringing and environment helped to shaped our reality and taught us how to perceive it.

Of course, the future also shapes and focus the past as well. We often sit down and think about "how things used to be" or how we would have like them to go. All of these casual memories send energy back to a potential "past" or perhaps a very real NOW.

When making changes in ones life, there are really two factors to look at. The actual goal, and ones self. Lots of visualization techniques are designed to "manifest" things, while not really focusing on the issue which is shopping the manifestation in the first place. Ultimately in to be successful in any goal creation one must address the individual as the desired "goal" it self.

A Reiki Program is a technique that unites the two together to both manifest the goal as well as heal the issues themselves. The technique will assist a Reiki practitioner in manifesting change and accomplishing goals with some of the most advanced techniques around.

There are a number of Reiki techniques which are often taught and employed separately that can accomplish a lot of healing.

Here's a list of some of them..

I'm sure there are more. What important with Reiki Programs is to make a leap from seeing these as separate techniques to seeing the as a system for self fulfillment and change.


  1. Second Degree Reiki
  2. Understanding of Reiki Stacks
  3. A Specific Goal
  4. Affirmations related to goal
  5. 20-30 Undisturbed Minutes

Program Structure

The program takes the form of a Reiki Stack. The "stack" has 4 section. Each Section has 3 items, making this a 12 item stack. The first three sections have the same items. The last section is a "finishing off section" You're repeating the same ideas in the past, present and the future. The stack outline is listed first followed by the procedure.

©2000 Anthony Glenn Agee, All rights reserved.