You may also send energy to concepts, situations or events. Here are some examples.

You should refrain sending Reiki to organizations you are not a part of or people who have not asked for healing. You should also not send energy to "make" certain situations happen according to your intent. If in doubt send energy, to the situation as a whole. Since Reiki will want to move things towards balance and wholeness your intent will be pure.I also highly recommend you not put people in a stack who have not asked to have distant healing. This actually should apply to all distant healings but most importantly to stacks.


We are accustomed to placing our hands on people when working with Reiki. One of the easiest ways to transistion into distant healing is to continue this practice.

Find something to put your hands on. My personal favorite is my distant healing quartz cluster. If its not available I use my leg. Determine who or what you want to send energy to in general. Make a list.

Empower whatever you will be placing your hands on. I personally work with all the 6 symbols in the Usui-Tibetan Lineage when I want to empower something fully. You could just draw a Master symbol and be done with it. But the exercise of tracing all the symbols for every empowerment helps the Reiki guides to understand you want all the energies when you empower.In general I recommend tracing the symbols and saying their names 3x.

Once you've empowered yourself, the object you are placing your hands on. You can begin the actual stack.

Each level on the stack will be made with an item, and a power symbol.

To make an item I like to use a statement like, "I would now like to send pure Reiki energy to _______ for their greatest and highest good." You can fill in any additional facts you have such as where they live in the blank.

After that trace a Power Symbol with that person/item in mind.

Continue to add the people one by one with the affirmation and trace a power symbol for each one.

When you get done with the 10 people, you can move right along to inanimate objects. When you have finished all the levels in the stack, trace an emotional symbol in case any of the items needs the emotional energy.

I finish off the stack and seal it with a very large power symbol and press it all down. A ten person stack with all of the inmate objects I mentioned will take no more than 15 minutes. Often time only five or ten minutes Break the connection when your finished by placing your palms and finger together. Wash your hands in cold water.

Managing Stacks

Saving a Stack

When you're tracing the last Power Symbol, state, "I now intend that this grouping/stack be referred to as _______ ."

This is especially useful for grouping like family, and friends, or regular clients. I personally have a family stack, and a friends stack. You can use a saved stack in place of a person in a normal stack just state you want to send energy to a stack and trace a power symbol.

Changing a Stack

Start by sending some energy to it, then when you're finished state, "I now wish to dissipate the ____ stack."

Then just remake it with the additions, or subtractions.

Super Stacks

You can make a stack of stacks also, and then name it as well. If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me.

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Reiki Stacks are considered by many to beone the most effective Reiki techniques. In addition to the basic procedure, this page outlines some background on distant healing theory.


When it comes to distant healing, there are many theories as to "how" it works. Here are a few of mine.One of the greatest mysteries surrounding distant healing is that they can and often do arrive before the request, or even day later than when performed. Reiki is especially good at not following the rules when dealing with time. While this isn't a very big concern in the bigger scheme of things, I have found it be very frustrating to the novice Reiki healer looking feedback. I found Reiki "distant" healings to manifest in 4 different ways. The exact method depends on the practitioner as well as the circumstances surrounding the distant healing and of course the practitioners intent at the time.

  1. Excorporeal

    You travel spiritually to the healee and work on them in their space.

  2. Incorporeal

    A piece of the clients energy is brought to you and you work on it in your space. Holographic Model of the universe. A piece is equal to the whole.

  3. Combination

    Part of you goes there, part of them comes to your space. A lot like bilocation.

  4. Energetic Transfer

    The energy gets condensed and it is "sent" all in one unit "towards" the client(s).
If you're working with one client at a time and are open and relaxed. You will be able to use any of these methods. Each has their plusses and minuses.

It is not my intent here to go into all the theories behind distant healing and the benefits of each method. I just wanted to point out the different methods that healing can manifest when working distantly so you might understand how this technique works better.

The next big obstacle in distant healing is sending to more than one person at a time. In theory, this could be very difficult if you're using the normal "astral" methods. My goodness could you imagine splitting yourself into 10 different pieces, and traveling to the four corners of the globe to do a distant healing.

So doing a multiple distant healings at a time is best done using the "Energetic Transfer" method. There are a couple of interesting phenomena that go along with "distant healing" stacks. Because of the fact, your sending to more than one person there is an amplification to the energy. The factor of amplification grows exponentially with each person as you go higher up the stack. The first person is considered to be on the bottom. So the higher you go up in the stack so does the "relative" amount of energy they receive.

For example, if you make a 50 person stack and put you grandmother on top she's going to get completely blown away. Since the amount of energy increases exponentially, a distant healing stack for 10 people will take about the same amount of time as for 1 person. The major difference here is that the people in the stack will get more energy. Stacks send out more energy than normal single distant healings. The greatest thing about this technique is that you can place yourself in the stack and even put yourself on top.

Based on my research with the Institute for Reiki Studies, I have come up with a few guidelines. While the guidelines are not set in stone they were created to insure everyone's stack experience is a pleasant one.


Keep the stack to 10 or less people, including yourself. Make sure the people in the stack are aware of what you're doing. Stacks will produce results in one way or another.

Sometimes more powerfully, than you may think or intend. You may put inanimate things in a stack after the initial 10 people, but please don't put them before. Some ideas for inanimate things.


©2000 Anthony Glenn Agee, All rights reserved.