How does it work?

Reiki treatments work by dissolving or eliminating toxic energy and substances from many levels of ones being whether it is physical, emotional, mental or beyond. It also works to strengthen the harmonious environment within ones being so true healing can take place. It is an intelligent energy that knows exactly where to go and is not influenced by the practitioner's emotions or beliefs. Because of the intelligent qualities of Reiki energy it is not necessary to direct or even believe in Reiki for it to be successful. It is even compatible with other healing modalities and does not interfere with traditional medicine and can often times increase the effectiveness of other techniques used. It does not require any special tools, or equipment and is available at any time or place it may be needed.

The Degrees of Reiki

First Degree Reiki is the gateway to the Reiki source. It is the beginning of ones Reiki Journey. It is primarily an etheric/physical healing energy. It has a tremendous ability to balance the chakras, remove negative energy from a person's auric field, relieve stress and heal the body in general. Class 8-10 hours

Second Degree Reiki is the second step and is available for those who want to deepen their commitment towards self-healing and well-being. It heals on the mental and emotional levels. First-degree energy is enhanced and amplified and one is taught how to send the healing Reiki energy over a distance as well as to other points in time. Other advanced techniques are taught that can facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of disease. Reiki Second Degree prepares the practitioner to facilitate the healing of trauma and past issues. Class 8-10 Hours

Personal Mastery Reiki brings on a level of personal mastery. It's energies deal with spirituality and one's life purpose. This level acts as a gateway to higher consciousness and higher self-contact. There is another increase in the level and amount of energy one begins to access and have available during a session. Many advanced techniques are also learned.

Master/Teacher is the degree where one makes the transition from Personal Master to Teaching Master. The student learns the techniques to pass Reiki onto others and begin their life long journey into greater levels of wellness and spiritual awareness


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What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is composed of the two Japanese words "Rei" and "Ki". Rei is a very spiritual word, and refers to spirit, and to the heavens. Ki is a word used to describe a number of things from breath to soul, to essence. It is most commonly associated with the "life force energy" used in Martial Arts and Chinese medicine to heal. Combined and translated the words mean "Life through Spirit". Reiki is a hands on technique that brings a great sense of inner peace, and relaxation, which in turn helps to heal and bring balance to the body. Reiki is a complete holistic system of spiritual growth, empowerment and healing.

Brief History

Reiki's exact origin is steeped in mystery. It was "re-discovered" or "created" by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Japan at that time was going thorough a spiritual renaissance. Usui was a Buddhist/Shinto practitioner as most people in Japan at the time. He was undoubtedly trained in many practices of the day. From that training and his study of traditional Chinese medicine created the perfect blend of these two systems. A system that allows for the best use of natural universal life energy and practitioners skill.

Who can Learn Reiki?

Anyone with a strong desire to help others and a sense of compassion can learn Reiki. Everyone from children to the elderly can learn Reiki. It is not learned in the same way as traditional healing techniques. A Reiki Master Teacher through a series of sacred initiations or ceremonies transfers Reiki to students. The initiation process opens up an individual permanently to the Reiki Source so that one can give Reiki treatments to self and others. People of all faiths, and walks of life have found Reiki beneficial to their lives.


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