When you receive a Reiki attunement, or Reiki session you are put into 21 day cleansing cycle. This process isn't Reiki specific either. Whenever a major transition or change takes place this cycle comes into play. Psychologists have known for many years it can take anywhere for 2 weeks to 30 days to make any real lasting change in behavior. This cycle explains that process. The cycle can be tied to the chakras, which are each associated with major psycho-dynamic functions in our lives. If you are unfamiliar with the chakras there are a series of pages under the lecture pages the deal specifically with them.

Here is how the cycle affects the body. You can look at the table for a simplified breakdown. When the session or attunement ends this cycle begins. You are assisted on a journey. This journey lasts for 21 days. Of course, some of the changes and insights learned along the way may take longer to fully manifest, or integrate but the journey is the important part in this process.

The 21 Day
Cleansing Cycle

Day Chakra Color Focus
1, 8, 15 Base Red Support and Nurture
the Physical Body.
Primal Power
2, 9, 16 Sexual Orange Sex, Creativity, Intimacy.
3, 10, 17 Solar
Yellow Ego, Power,
Emotions(gut feelings).
4, 11, 18 Heart Green Feelings for other
people and self.
Love in general. Compassion
5, 12, 19 Throat Blue Communication, Expression
& Responsibility.
6, 13, 20 Third Eye Indigo Ideas, vision, and the mind.
7, 14, 21 Crown Violet & White Purpose, Integration, Higher Direction.

The first week is personal. The issues brought up relate to ones personal perspective. The second week in more community and outside relationships. The second week is a result of personal changes made during the first week. The last week week it divine or spiritual. It is the result of life altering insights gained through the first two weeks.

Reiki will bring up and help clear any issues that are preventing wellness or standing in the way to the person becoming a Reiki practitioner. This cycle is especially intense when one has decided to become a Reiki practitioner. There is a commitment and responsibility ones self and others when you take on the training.

This cycle happens whether you are receiving or giving a Reiki treatment or healing. In fact, it happens every time you make a change of any kind. The only difference is the focus.

As for chakras and endocrine glands, Yes they directly relate to each other. The crown chakra is related to the Pineal Gland, the third eye to the pituitary gland, the throat to the thyroid, the heart to the thymus, the solar to the pancreas, etc..... I refer you to CW Leadbeaters, The Chakras he covers this in detail.


©2000 Anthony Glenn Agee, All rights reserved.
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