First Degree Practical

The practicum for First Degree Reiki-do training is to perform one complete Reiki I treatment on another person with documentation. This is usually accomplished during the First Degree Class itself. The practicum requirements here arent as strict since ultimately Reiki I is designed for self healing.

Second Degree Practical

Second Degree Reiki training is a much higher and more refined level of healing energy than Reiki First Degree. At the Second Degree Level, a student accepts more responsibility to themselves as well as to others. The Second Degree Level Training also begins the students journey towards Reiki Mastery; this usually creates much growth and expansion in the students life. To assist in this process, the practicum for Second Degree Reiki includes both receiving and giving Reiki Treatments. The Practical is to perform three Reiki Second Degree Healings, and receive three Reiki Healings from three certified Reiki Healers.

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To be certified by ReikiShaman and receive a Reiki Certificate, all students must pass the Certification Test and perform the required Practical

To some, the practicum may seem like a strange concept. These classes were created and designed to train healers who are professional, competent and ethical. The practicum ensures that all students actually take the information from the workshop and apply it to real life situations.

Since all the sessions performed for practicum purposes are documented it allows our Certified Masters, to see how well the students grasp the material, and to provide additional training to those who need it.

We stand by our training programs and students. While the practicum insures the student can perform Reiki Healing Session with confidence; the Certification test is written and requires study of the class materials and instruction given in class. It is designed to ensure that all students have a mental or left brained understanding of Reiki Ryoho ideals and priciples both in theory and practice.

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