• You will also receive full instruction on the various hand positions. We have invested a great deal of time into researching the traditional hand positions in every way possible. Our research has uncovered some truly amazing and significant findings, at present only available in our classes.

  • Hands off/Treatment without Touching healing methods will also be taught in detail. Many treatment situations, may require you not to touch the client. This section of the class will provide you a well grounded and effective approach to those situations. A significant amount of class time is devoted to covering the many aspects of "hands off healing". This includes sensing, sweeping, beaming, etc. We have worked very hard to put together the most comprehensive program available.

  • Group Healing Techniques. We have compiled the most effective group healing techniques from around the country. You will learn many effective ways to heal with other Reiki practitioners.

  • Much more is covered, including: the legal requirements of practicing Reiki, the twenty-one day cleansing process, how to establish a successful Reiki practice, how to treat plants and animals with Reiki, how to treat food and medicines with Reiki, and the Five Principles of Reiki, etc.

  • Initiation is given to the first degree level of all Reiki lineages.
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First Degree Class Outline

A significant amount of time is devoted to the actual practice of Reiki. Before students leave, they will have performed at least one full, one on one treatment, and a group treatment. Class is generally 8-10 hours.

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